Film Scoring

Writing music for film and video is one of my favorite activities as a composer. Below are some recent examples of my work.


This is a short horror/suspense film that I scored for solo violin and electronics that features Kristin Waymel on the violin. John Francis McCullagh directed the film in 2015 (be sure to watch it in HD).


dawn-working with the composer

When we were recording the music for Dawn, the director Ya'Ke and his students created a short clip called "dawn. working with the composer." The clip has behind-the-scene footage of Ya'Ke, members of the Wyeth Quartet, and me recording the music used in the film.

dawn. working with the composer from Exodus Filmworks (Ya'Ke) on Vimeo.



I was lucky enough to work with members of the Wyeth String Quartet to create the music for a new short film called Dawn. The music is created entirely from acoustic music performed by violinist Michael Shih and cellist Leda Larsen. The film was premiered at HBO's American Black Film Festival as one of five films vying for the HBO Short Film Award and will air on HBO for all to see later this year. Below is the trailer:

dawn. film trailer from Exodus Filmworks (Ya'Ke) on Vimeo.


Here is a music-only cue from the end of the film:


Another film directed by Ya'Ke, Wolf premiered at the South by Southwest Film Festival in March 2012.

WOLF Trailer from Exodus Filmworks (Ya'Ke) on Vimeo.

WOLF is the feature film debut from award winning writer/director Ya'Ke Smith. It tells the story of a family that is shaken to the core when they discover that their son has been molested.


Below is a dramatic scene from the middle of the film:

Wolf--Scene: Bishop from Micah Hayes on Vimeo.



Wolf: Original Closing Credits (unused); Dan Cavanagh, piano

Press Links:

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Katrina's Son

This is the trailer for a film I scored in 2010 called Katrina's Son, directed by Ya'Ke Smith.

Katrina's Son Trailer from Exodus Filmworks (Ya'Ke) on Vimeo.

When a young boy loses his grandmother during Hurricane Katrina, he travels to San Antonio, Texas, in search of the mother who abandoned him years earlier.

Starring Herman "Tre" Whitney, Nadine Mozon, SkudR Jones, Monique Straw and Michael Cantu.


Kartrina's Son - Cue 2

Watching You

A collaboration with Dallas filmmaker Bart Weiss resulted in Watching You--a piece created for the Expanded Cinema portion of Dallas Video Fest. The video was projected onto both sides of the Omni Hotel in downtown Dallas (hence the long, unusual video format) and the music was broadcast simultaneously on 91.7 KXT.

Watching You-Micah Hayes-OmniHotel-2013 from Micah Hayes on Vimeo.



Pegusus News (Sept. 11, 2013)

D Magazine (Oct. 2, 2013)

Bill White for Governor

This is a short advertisement I scored for Bill White for Governor 2010.


I wrote the music for this documentary in 2010, with Martha Walvoord playing violin.

Father (Trailer) from Exodus Filmworks (Ya'Ke) on Vimeo.

A preacher. A rapper. An ex-con. A single-mother. Amartial artist. What do they all have in common? The struggle, pain and confusion of growing up without a father.

featuring Sonny Haynes, Lawrence Wilkerson, Ahmad Bell, Paris Craig and Andre Holmes.