Concert Music

Music written for the concert hall.

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Vocal Works

Hear Us   View Details

2014 · five minutes · for mixed choir and organ

At the Round Earth's Imagined Corners   View Details

2012 · three and a half minutes · for mixed a cappella choir

A Hymn of St. Ephrem   View Details

2010 · five minutes · for mixed choir

Large Ensemble

Possibly   View Details

2005 · five minutes · for orchestra

Three Love Songs   View Details

2001 · ten minutes · for small orchestra and soprano

Small Ensemble

String Quartet   View Details

2008 · twenty-four minutes

Violin Sonata   View Details

2003· sixteen minutes

Solo Works

Meditation on "Come Thou Fount..."   View Details

2008 · five minutes · for solo organ

Passing   View Details

2007 · ten minutes · for solo piano